PPP Loan Forgiveness

The Payment Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act of 2020 was designed to modify certain provisions related to loan forgiveness under the paycheck protection program. It lets recipients defer payroll taxes and other business-related expenses. In other words, the program helps relieve small businesses and their employees from the economic impact of COVID-19. As of this […]

Applicant Tracking Systems

Attracting and retaining skilled workers has grown exponentially more challenging, according to Manpower Group (www.gomanpowergroup.com, with 54% of companies globally reporting talent shortages—the highest level in over a decade. And, the U.S. Bureau of Labor claims there are 670,000 more job openings than unemployed potential workers (based on statistics prior to the 2020 coronavirus). Applicant […]

Instituting Paperless Payroll

In today’s “fast-food” world, convenience is mandatory. It’s no different when it comes to paying your employees. As a result, payroll cards are a fast-growing option to more traditional forms of payroll payment, such as paper checks and bank direct deposit. Plus, failing to offer payroll alternatives can result in your company running the risk […]