Guide to Paid Time Off (PTO)

  Paid Time Off (PTO) is usually a policy that companies institute to allow their employees to be paid for time that’s taken for vacations, illnesses, holidays, personal days, and other times when the employee may not be present at work. Sometimes these days are accrued throughout the year or the employer can set aside […]

How Important is Pay Frequency to Your Business/Employees?

  Pay frequency means how often you, the employer, issue a “paycheck” to your employees. And, who doesn’t love payday? Whether you pay weekly, biweekly (every 2 weeks), bimonthly (twice a month), or monthly, “Christmas” comes with every payday. Generally, payday occurs on a Friday, 4-5 days after the period has been closed out. However, […]

Keeping Up with the Growing Needs of HR

If you’re an HR professional, you know the volume of paperwork that comes with the job. HR is required to keep vast numbers of records on each employee; this can fill multiple file cabinets. Plus, keeping this data secure is another issue. Then there’s the “democratization” of HR data, which means the demand for rapid […]