Boosting Workforce Skills with Personalized Learning Platforms

Boosting Workforce Skills with Personalized Learning Platforms

Personalized learning platforms allow you to tailor your workforce development efforts to different learning styles. Most managers understand the importance of skills enhancement for their employees but may not know where to begin. Using a professional growth platform that allows all employees to learn and grow at their own pace is a great strategy for leveling up your workforce. Let’s explore the power of personalized learning on development platforms.

Embracing Personalized Learning Platforms

Personalized learning refers to a strategy in which each employee can learn, grow, and up-skill themselves using the educational method that works best for them. One person might be more comfortable working on their development through self-directed learning, in which they work on modules at their own pace and during their own time.

Another employee might embrace collaborative learning methods, in which they learn better by interacting with peers. A third employee might be most comfortable with hands-on learning, in which they put theory into practice. There are other forms of learning as well.

If an organization’s skills enhancement is developed as a one-size-fits-all model, some employees will thrive. For others, it will be pure drudgery because it doesn’t align with their learning style. A more personalized learning management system allows every employee the opportunity to learn and grow in a way that works best for them.

Benefits of Learning Management Systems

Now that we’ve covered what personalized learning is and how different employees need different learning methods, let’s explore the benefits that it can provide.

Employees Work at Their Own Pace

Every employee has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how they learn new materials. Using the same training method for an entire workforce, therefore, consumes time unnecessarily and produces minimal results. Personalized learning allows each employee to work at their own speed and fill gaps in their knowledge more effectively.

Save Time and Effort

We’ve all seen employees start yawning or nodding off during lengthy training workshops or seminars. They may be necessary at times, but these group seminars ultimately don’t meet the personalized learning needs of individual employees. They offer little benefit while consuming a lot of valuable time.

Customized learning experiences provide better and more effective outcomes. Setting up a personalized learning platform does consume a lot of time on the front end. However, once it’s up and running and workers start using it, the platform saves a lot of time and effort.

Learning Becomes Flexible

Personalized learning platforms allow organizations to embrace the different learning styles of employees (hands-on, self-directed, etc.). At the same time, employees are able to work through materials at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Employees Feel Respected

By providing learning opportunities that are relevant to them, employees feel their opinions and needs are respected. This gives them a very real sense that their faith in the organization is not misplaced. It also motivates them to better themselves through more training and development, for the good of the company. They become more invested in the company because they know the company is invested in them.

Higher Retention and Employee Engagement

It’s a simple fact that if employees don’t feel like they’re growing at your company, they’ll go to work somewhere else. This makes personalized learning platforms much more valuable than general training modules. When employees are happy with the way that they’re learning and growing, they retain information longer. This deepens engagement with the materials and helps build a more creative and productive workforce.

Allows You to Promote from Within

As employees increase their knowledge and skill sets, it allows you to promote from within your organization when higher positions open. This saves a lot of time and energy in the hiring process, since your own employees have already been onboarded and know the company culture and systems. Employees stay engaged with personalized learning options when they know that it can lead to real-world success for them.

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