Emerging Timekeeping Technology - Biometric Time Clocks

Emerging Timekeeping Technology – Biometric Time Clocks

A biometric time clock offers business owners a highly accurate way to track employee time and attendance. It makes it easier to calculate the cost of labor and pay wages. Over the years, businesses have continued to adopt biometric time clocks to track time, despite the cost involved. In this post, we look at why you need to use biometrics in your business.

What is a Biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock is a time tracking software that uses personal physical or behavioral characteristics to identify an employee. The main aim of a biometric time clock is to authenticate and prevent buddy punching amongst employees.

Biometric devices use unique features such as voice, fingerprints, tone, eyelids, and face in biometric scanning.

Why you should invest in a biometric time clock

The clock provides a highly accurate way of tracking time-on-site and off-site. Investing in a biometric time clock yields several benefits for your business. Here are its major benefits.

Provides flexible options for employees & employers

The biometric time clock provides your employees with flexibility as they don’t have to worry about losing passwords. In addition, employees can clock in even when working off-site.

The biometric time clock allows employees to clock in and out of their phones. They don’t need to report to the office to clock in and out. It results in more productivity and makes it easy for employers to track time across multiple locations. This makes it easier to get accurate data on employees’ attendance at every one of the business locations.

Integrating biometrics with payroll ensures high levels of accuracy.

A biometric time-keeping software that integrates with the payroll will reduce administrative work when paying your employees. The HR department has time to focus on more strategic duties that will ensure the well-being of the workers.

Save your money

A biometric time clock software will ensure high levels of accuracy. It will save you money in the following ways:

1. Save HR cost

You don’t need to employ a large HR team to do the administration work. Integrating the time clock with payroll reduces the work the HR department needs to do every month.

2. Ensure accurate wages and salary

The biometric time clock is highly accurate and will result in correct wages. It provides a foolproof way to clock in and out. There are no chances of making mistakes when calculating how many hours employees have worked.

It also reduces the chances of buddy punching. Employees can’t clock in and out for a fellow employee who is not present.

Improves on-site security

Using a biometric time clock will ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to the premises. It minimizes the chances of strangers gaining entry to the premises using a lost key card or codes.

Improve health and safety

In the pandemic era, organizations had to ensure the safety and health of workers. A touch-less biometric time clock will ensure that there is no spread of diseases such as COVID -19. In addition, you will be adherent to the health and safety standards.

Disadvantages of the Biometric Time Clock

The biometric time clock has significant advantages. However, there are a few disadvantages.

Cost of implementation of biometrics time clock

Implementing a biometric system may be expensive, in comparison to other time-tracking methods.

The legal issue regarding data privacy

Cybercriminals can use the data collected on biometric time clocks to steal identities. It’s essential to ensure that the data is safe to avoid legal issues.

Should you make the switch to Biometric Time Clocks?

The advantages and cost savings of biometric time clocks outweigh the disadvantages. It will reduce the time HR takes to process data and ensure accuracy. Invest in systems to make sure that the data collected is secure.

The biometric time clock is the future of time tracking, and in the long run, they are a worthy investment.

If you wonder whether the biometric time clock will work for your business, talk to our experts. They will guide you on how to implement the biometric time clock system effectively.

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