Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement in the Digital Age: Developing Connection and Commitment

Years ago, most people worked at workplaces and offices, and employee engagement happened in person. Today, many people work in hybrid or even at-home roles, and employee engagement happens across many digital platforms.

For many businesses, the struggle to engage workers is a matter of importance for many reasons. Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Employees who feel heard at work are 4.6 times more likely to be empowered to perform their best work, while disengaged employees cost US companies $550 billion annually.

If you are a business owner scrambling to meet digital engagement expectations, this article will provide actionable and innovative employee engagement strategies. Specifically, we’ll discuss ways to utilize technology to foster a connected and motivated workforce.

Challenges of Employee Engagement in the Digital Age

Today’s trouble for many business leaders is that employee engagement strategies that used to work years ago are no longer viable. Employees expect and prefer digital employee engagement. In years past, many engagement activities and efforts were aimed at a workforce that was located on the premises.

Today, the best way to enhance workplace connection is through digital channels. While many employee engagement strategies work over digital platforms, many business leaders are unaware of all the options and are not sure which options are most effective.

Strategies for Enhancing Employee Engagement

The following employee commitment strategies are designed for companies focused on digital-age workforce management. With help from businesses like ASAP Payroll, many of these strategies are not only possible but also relatively easy to accomplish.

Leverage Technology for Connection

Using digital tools creates a sense of community and connection among employees. Some ways that your business can leverage technology to create connection include:

  • Engage in virtual chats on a regular basis. Use online platforms to bring together employees and managers in online virtual chats.
  • Send employee surveys to learn more. Find out how your employees feel about their work by surveying them on a regular basis.
  • Create mentorship opportunities through virtual discussion groups. Connect employees and managers to create mentorship opportunities for employees who want more from their career.

Personalization and Flexibility

Connect employees to resources they care about through digital platforms. Use the employee surveys listed above to learn more about your workforce needs and preferences, then leverage digital platforms to benefit them most. For example, if the majority of employees express the need for more training, use your HR platform’s online training services to offer desirable training to employees.

Recognition and Rewards

Extend digital rewards and award certificates to employees for their contributions. Follow employee training progress in online platforms and give them recognition for their accomplishments.

Continuous Learning and Development

Identify the skills most needed by your workforce, then use digital platforms to create certificate programs that allow employees to advance in their field. Offer a mixture of on-demand and live online training for employees, so they can access training when they need it and benefit from group discussions as well.

Implementing Your Strategy

Implementing a digital engagement strategy takes organization and a plan. Every company will have its own digital engagement strategy, but here’s a general structure to follow:

  1. Assign a committee aimed at enhancing workplace employee engagement.
  2. Survey employees to determine how engaged they feel. Ask questions to gauge employees’ sense of engagement and what their employer can do to enhance it.
  3. Make a list of engagement goals to be implemented over a set period.
  4. Partner with a digital platform like ASAP Payroll to access digital engagement and HR services.
  5. Review employee engagement strategy success periodically. Determine what is working and what isn’t. Revise as needed.

Boost Employee Engagement to Improve Employee Retention and Business Success

Engaging with employees on digital platforms can make your business more successful. Identifying strategies to enhance engagement and following a plan to create engagement can help your business succeed.

Discover how ASAP Payroll can revolutionize your employee engagement efforts in the digital age. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.


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