HCM Software is the Key to Employee Engagement

HCM Software is the Key to Employee Engagement

Many successful businesses know that employee engagement is what sets their business apart from others, helping them with employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.  Employee engagement drives brand performance, higher safety records, and even greater profitability.  But even though so many executives and human resource managers realize this, they still struggle with implementing it in their workplace.

A more competitive labor pool has led to recruiting and retention of employees among businesses, both large and small.  So how can you manage all of this plus optimize your time and resources?  Many companies are finding the solution in HCM software.

What is Employee Engagement?

If you think of employee engagement as employees who are satisfied, happy and enjoy their job, you may be missing the boat.  Employee engagement goes far beyond just liking where your work.  It happens when the employee cares about the company, its success, and desires to contribute to it.  An engaged employee has a commitment to the organization to work to achieve the goals of the company.  Though a happy employee may lead to higher morale, it may not necessarily lead to a healthier bottom line.

 The ultimate goal for the business isn’t to engage a singular or a select group of employees, but rather to engage all employees, who in turn, contribute every day to the company’s goals and success.  Engagement comes from good communication and a feeling of inclusion and value.

What are the Important Elements of Employee Engagement?

Most employees become engaged in the success of the business when they have three factors in place.

  • Employees want a relationship with a supervisor who trusts and respects them.   Communication is key and is essential to developing the relationship.
  •  Employees want to work for a company they are proud of.  They want to have pride in the product or service and the management style of the company’s leaders.
  • They want to have communication from top-level management that they can trust and believe in.

HCM Software can help with these areas by increasing access to communication and by providing the best talent.

How Can HCM Software Nurture Employee Engagement?

Human Capital Management Software fosters employee engagement from the start.  By using HCM tools to set objectives and administer company policies and employment legislation, companies can provide an amiable work environment that increases employee morale and motivation.

  1.  Recruiting is maybe the most important step in nurturing employee engagement.  HCM Software enables you to streamline your talent searches and find the best candidates for your company.  And the best fit is more likely to be the most successful.  With HCM Software, the entire hiring process goes more smoothly, giving the recruit more confidence in the company from the start.
  2. Onboarding further instills confidence in your recruit’s experience with your company.  HCM Software ensures the onboarding process is complete, and that all required laws, regulations, and company information are covered in full.  HCM Software also ensures that all employees are given the same set of information, so employees feel a sense of inclusion and being a part of the company from the start.
  3. Performance reviews and feedback are important aspects of employee engagement.  The feeling of knowing where you stand, praise for accomplishments, and goal setting are important to employee engagement and are easily facilitated by HCM software.
  4. HCM software provides self-service opportunities for supervisors and employees, giving them a vast amount of information on the company and its policies, showing them where they stand within the organization, and helping them set goals by keeping them informed of opportunities.  It also facilitates communication for all levels of the organization and gives all employees a feeling of empowerment and inclusion.

ASAP Payroll Human Capital Management Software

 ASAP Payroll has partnered with iSolved to package HCM Software into a single platform that provides the framework you need to successfully carry out most HR processes.   We can help with applicant tracking, onboarding, self-service, and benefits that can help you increase employee engagement in your organization.   Contact us today for more information, or a free demo.

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