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How an HCM Software Platform Helps You Recruit New Employees

Businesses have never done so much recruiting as they do today. They have never spent as much money doing it. And they’ve never done a worse job of it. If only there was a solution to make recruiting fast, easy, accurate, and perhaps do even more…

Say hello to HCM softwarea.k.a. human capital management platform.

Beyond streamlining the hiring process, an HCM software can effectively track employees at every stage of their relationship with your organization. No wonder some people call it the most comprehensive recruitment management platform out there!

In this post, we’ll tell you how an HCM tool can help you streamline your recruiting process.

1. Stay On Top of Your Hiring Budget 

When recruiting a new employee, some details are often easy to uncover—skills, experience, past responsibilities, and so on. The salary range? Not so much. Most employees will never reveal what they were paid in their previous post, and this is often a huge inconvenience for managers.

If you set the salary cap too high, you might deplete your resources and eventually lack the funds to recruit a new high-value employee. Do the opposite, and you might invite some hard feelings or worse, paint your company as an unfavorable place for top talents.

As such, you need the right tool to help you simplify your hiring budget. That’s where an HCM software solution proves vital.

One outstanding strength of HCM solutions is that the current payroll information is always in the same system you’re using for recruitment. This means you’ll have a complete view of what employees in similar roles are earning.

It gets better. With an HCM system, you’ll know how to navigate the offer stage. Since the tool gives you a better idea of what people with the same qualifications are earning in different roles, you won’t propose more than you can afford. In other words, you’ll have a proper pulse on your budget and won’t need to dig deeper into your pockets to facilitate future hires.

2. Communication Simplified

Let’s face it—way too much information changes hands during the hiring process. In the end, it becomes difficult to stay on top of it all. Form letters, offer letters, personalized rejections…the list is endless. Besides, you might be communicating with different applicants simultaneously, making the whole process even messier.

Applicants love it when your messaging is consistent and your response time reasonable. They love it when they’re being taken seriously. An HCM software tool can put you in good tandem with applicants and make your workplace look more appealing overall.

You see, a human capital management solution doesn’t help you manage communication with all applicants. It also helps you remove all bottlenecks that might impair your communication with prospective employees—duplicated messages, mixed messages, name it. Whether they used email, voice message, or an unnamed piece of documentation, you’ll get the message in good time, and you’ll be able to respond just as fast.

3. Notating Made Easier

Do you still carry a pen and a notebook to interviews? Okay, assuming sticky notes work for you, do you remember where you indicated that applicant A is more suitable for a role that you’re about to advertise in a month or so? Or maybe where you had a list of all the people you can’t hire under any circumstances? Chances are, you can’t tell where you noted down what and when. That’s just the nature of the human brain; it’s inherently difficult to keep track of a long trail of information.

That’s where an HCM software system proves truly valuable. This tool allows you to add notes to your documentation as a reminder to yourself and other HR staff. No more guesswork or complaints like “I thought I indicated it here….” The best part? You can add notes as documents in themselves. This is particularly useful if you’re reporting on an uploadable message, such as a voice recording or a phone screening. It’s all easy, fast, and fuss-free.

You might be asking, “What about all the older notes and documents?” Those are safe, too. HCM software solutions are typically cloud-based, meaning you can retrieve even the most dated of documents. All you have to do is to key in a person’s name, and all their information will pull up.

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We didn’t compile this blog just to sound fashionable or well-informed. We compiled it because we understand the immense power that HCM software solutions hold. Why take a backseat when you can transform your recruitment process and effectively get ahead of the competition? Contact us today to learn how our HCM platform can help supercharge your business, or if you’re already sold on the idea, request a quote. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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