Navigating Payroll Challenges in Home Health Care

Navigating Payroll Challenges in Home Healthcare

Managing payroll for a home healthcare business can be challenging due to multiple satellite locations, varying employee hours and pay rates, and mileage tracking. This is a recurring task that HR departments face, but it can still be time-consuming and inefficient. At ASAP Payroll, we specialize in helping businesses overcome these challenges by streamlining the payroll process.

Employee Self-Service

One of the biggest payroll challenges for HR leaders in the healthcare industry is the lack of self-service tools for employees to manage their own pay history. This can be solved by implementing an integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) platform that allows employees to access their paystubs, review their pay history, download tax forms, and more. Although this challenge was identified as the most pressing in the healthcare industry, it ranked fourth on the list of challenges faced by HR leaders across all industries.

Tax Filing and Credits

The most complicated aspect of payroll has typically been filing payroll taxes, particularly for HR teams that have to comply with regulations in multiple states and locations. This issue has been identified as the second biggest challenge in payroll, not only by HR leaders in the healthcare industry, but by aggregate data as well. Choosing to outsource payroll can also help HR departments manage the tax filing process more efficiently and in compliance with the regulations.

Manual Time and Attendance Processes

The Transforming Employee Experience report has shown that a top challenge for HR departments is manual time and attendance processes. Manual processes continue to be a concern across industries. Not only are manual tasks typically inefficient, but they can also indicate that the HR department lacks digital maturity.

Direct Deposit Changes

One of the top five challenges faced by HR departments in the healthcare industry is the inflexibility of making direct deposit changes. This issue is linked with the lack of self-service tools for employees and human error. If an HCM system allows employees to enter their own data, they can add or update their direct deposit information whenever required, without the need for HR assistance. This not only empowers employees to manage their own data but also reduces the possibility of incorrect data entry by a third party.

Taking on Top Challenges with ASAP Payroll

Managing payroll can be a challenging task for any organization, but identifying these challenges can help to find appropriate solutions. One way to address these challenges is by investing in a comprehensive HCM platform that can manage the entire employee journey. This approach can be particularly beneficial for HR departments in the healthcare and medical industry, as it can help to provide a better experience for their most valuable asset – their employees. If you’re interested in learning more about our home healthcare payroll solutions, please schedule a free consultation with ASAP Payroll.

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