New Hire Paperwork & Best Practices for Kentucky

New Hire Paperwork & Best Practices for Kentucky

Ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for your new employees can improve the likelihood that they’ll stay with your company, which in turn improves your customer experience and overall return on investment. ASAP Payroll is your Kentucky new-hire expert.

New Hire Forms for Kentucky Employers

Making sure your new employees have completed all necessary paperwork ensures they are paid correctly and in the right account, all tax withholdings are deducted accurately and in compliance with state and federal law, and you have all the information you need in order to engage in a legal employment relationship. The documents that should be signed on or before an employee’s first day include:

  • Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding and Allowance Certificate: This form provides you with the information you need to accurately deduct federal taxes.
  • Form K4, Kentucky Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate: This form provides you with the information you need to accurately deduct state taxes from the employee’s wages.
  • Form I-9, Employee Eligibility Verification: This form certifies that the employee is authorized to work in the United States. Both the employee and the employer must complete certain sections of the form and may be audited at any time.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Form – This form collects information that will help your business take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit if you hire certain people, including Veterans, those who have received assistance from SNAP or TANF programs in recent months, those with felony convictions, and others.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form: This form collects both routing and account number as well as authorization to deposit wages through direct deposit.
  • Master File Set-Up Form: You should also collect basic details about your employees, like their social security number, address, emergency contacts, and more.

Taking the Pain Out of Paperwork

The single worst decision you can make is to sit a new employee in an empty conference room with a pen and a stack of papers on their first day with your organization. Instead, have them complete the paperwork online before they begin.

On their first day, if they must complete paperwork, make sure the primary focus is welcoming them into your organization, integrating them into your mission, vision, and core values, and introducing them to their teammates and workspace.

Need Help with Onboarding?

If you’re ready to take compliance off of your plate, ASAP Payroll provides you with Kentucky payroll and new-hire experts. Request a quote today!

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