Protecting Sensitive Data

Protecting Sensitive Data During Employee Departures

Small and medium businesses in Indiana have an advantage: Our people are some of the friendliest and most helpful you’ll find. However, this shouldn’t sway you from protecting your data whenever an employee leaves or is terminated. The majority of data breaches within organizations are due to people who have left the company, taken company information with them, or logged in and caused harm after their time of employment had ended.

ASAP Payroll Service is an Indianapolis-based payroll provider and Human Capital Management company that also specializes in data backup and recovery. We’ve been protecting company data just like yours since 1989 through employee education, IT security, and a streamlined offboarding process that discourages dissatisfied employees from gaining access to sensitive information. Here’s what we recommend:

Use Data Security Best Practices

ASAP’s HCM Service helps protect your business from the get-go, or what we like to call the onboarding process. By allowing access only to necessary functions, we help limit employee overreach. Then, when an employee leaves the company, rescinding privileges is much easier because access was restricted from the beginning.

In the event your departing employee had priority clearance, we can monitor their account to watch for suspicious activity until their access is completely cut off. These safeguards, coupled with your own good hiring practices, such as running background checks and verifying references, help prevent unauthorized data transactions before, during, and after employee departures.

Communicate With the Departing Employee

Ideally, you’ll have an ongoing conversation with your entire workforce regarding the handling of sensitive data. This is especially important to keep the lines of communication open with an employee who is leaving your company.

You can do this through formal exit interviews, questionnaires, or Q & A sessions with the employee to inform them of your expectations and to reassure them of what will happen to their personal data once they depart. ASAP’s HR service can guide you through this process and help by providing forms and checklists employers can use during offboarding.

Have Backup and Recovery Processes in Place

Backup and recovery processes may be the most important safeguards to have in place for your business. They prevent the loss or corruption of irreplaceable data. Essentially, they describe the saving and safe storage of data in a secure location. In this way, the data can be recovered and restored in the event of a catastrophic event.

ASAP’s HCM personnel are experts in protecting company data, including the implementation of effective backup and recovery practices.

Educate Current Employees

Confidentiality, password management, and other aspects of IT security all work together to protect company data from intrusion. And they all begin and end with employee education. By keeping new and current employees aware of your expectations and of the consequences for violating them, you can help ensure your customer’s sensitive data remains secure. ASAP can help through effective onboarding, live HR support, and more.

If you’re interested in the many benefits of outsourcing your Human Resource responsibilities, ASAP has solutions. We’re a small business that’s helping other small business owners succeed by taking ownership of payroll, HR, capital management, timekeeping, hiring, and more. Contact us today to discover the many advantages of partnering with ASAP Payroll Service for your small or medium business.


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