Seven Effective Questions to Screen a Candidate in a Job Interview

Standard interview questions do not cut it anymore when looking for quality candidates that match your company culture. For starters, most job applicants are well-versed in how to answer questions such as ‘why should we hire you?’ and ‘what are your strengths?’. You get scripted, insincere answers that are tailored to showcase what candidates think you are looking for in an employee.

Therefore, it is time recruiters and HR pros change their line of questioning. What you need is the right type of questions that spark a more revealing and authentic interview process. Luckily, below are seven effective questions to screen potential job candidates.

Did You Take a Look at Our Website? What Did You Learn About the Company?

As surprising as it may seem, many candidates do not conduct thorough homework before an interview. Asking this question gives insight into whether a potential candidate is interested in working at your company. All interested candidates will take their time to learn everything they can from your website. Also, you get to access how every candidate interprets and communicates what they have read back to you.

What Can You Bring to the Table?

It is vital to determine what unique skills each candidate can bring to your company. Start by asking yourself how a particular candidate can diversify your talent pool, according to their answer. It will help if a job applicant can go into details of previously performed tasks and how their skill set can help your company.

What is the Motivational Factor Behind Your Job Search?

It is vital to consider past performance and motivations when screening potential candidates. A candidate might be seeking a new job due to problems with their current manager or team. Have you considered whether this is because they are underperforming? Asking this question will help you determine which candidates better suit your company goals and values.

What Attributes Do You Value in a Team/Employer?

As stated earlier, finding a candidate that fits your company culture is a massive consideration. The above question will help you determine whether a candidate will fit in with your team and company. Ensure you take note of what each candidate is looking for in a work environment. Consider it a red flag if a particular candidate lists several attributes that aren’t part of your company culture.

How Does This Job Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

Asking this question is about knowing whether the job position fits into a candidate’s plans. If the job position factors into their career goals, they are more likely to be motivated. Ensure potential candidates benefit directly from the currently available position. For example, go for candidates who are looking to hone a specific skill.

Why Are Doors Rectangular?

Include a thought-provoking question to help you screen candidates more effectively. These questions will catch your potential candidates off guard because they don’t expect it. Therefore, you will get real-time insight into their problem-solving skills and ability to think logically. Remember, it is not about whether their answers are right or wrong, but about how quickly they can solve a problem. Here’s why doors are rectangular if you are still thinking about it.

Explain a Time You Demonstrated (a Company Core Value)?

Recruiting viable employees comes down to cultural fit in today’s business world.  Although a candidate may possess all the relevant experience and education, determine how their competence aligns with your core values. Ensure you look beyond technical competencies and access their behavioral adequacies.

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