Employee Benefit Administration

Handle all aspects of benefit plans efficiently with ASAP Payroll

Get help with automating your benefit
plan administration


All benefit plans in one place

Enroll With Ease

Simplify the open enrollment process


Give employees full access to their benefits

Update Information

Conveniently update life events

Ditch the paperwork and make the process easier

Over the last several years, statistics will show that employees very rarely stay with the same employer for their entire career. Instead, employees often seek out different companies where they can do the same work with better benefits. 


For HR, creating and maintaining benefit plans for employees often involves a slew of paperwork and room for human error. With ASAP Payroll, you can cut out the traditional paperwork and automate employees’ benefits eligibility, elections and enrollment in health insurance and additional options.

Save Time

Paper benefits administration can take hours per employee. Cut that time drastically to use it elsewhere

Reduce Errors

Eliminate constant data entry and reduce the chance of errors from misreading forms or completing other processes manually.

Offer Convenience

Online benefits administration allows managers and employees alike to access benefit information from anywhere at any time.

Track Enrollment

Analyze results of open enrollment in real time to develop informed plans on helping employees.

Completely Customizable

Welcome new employees to the family by laying out your unique values.

Accessible for Edits

Access and update your handbook from any device with an internet connection.

Client Testimonials

Listen to what other businesses have to say about working with us.

I have used ASAP Payroll Service for some years and, quite simply, they save me TIME and MONEY! There are other reasons I like dealing with Tom and his friendly staff, like eliminating worry and confusion, but those first two are more than enough. I can recommend ASAP without any reservations.

David Stafford
Stafford Research

We have used ASAP Payroll since 1991. They are, by far, one of the most cost effective payroll companies out there. Their staff is friendly and efficient. They are quick to handle any issues without any problems. We would recommend ASAP Payroll to any business, regardless of size. Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, they can definitely meet your needs.

Owner/Operator - McDonald's

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