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ASAP Payroll has partnered with HR360 to give you access to a comprehensive view of human resource and benefits laws on the state and federal level. We are a one stop shop for anything you need to stay in compliance with a broad range of laws from COBRA and FMLA to how to interview, hire and terminate employees. No matter how large or small your company, ASAP Payroll’s HR Library will provide you with all the information you need to comply with laws and regulations that govern your work.

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ASAP Payroll will ensure you’re compliant with all federal and state hiring and benefits laws.

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I have used ASAP Payroll Service for some years and, quite simply, they save me TIME and MONEY! There are other reasons I like dealing with Tom and his friendly staff, like eliminating worry and confusion, but those first two are more than enough. I can recommend ASAP without any reservations.

David Stafford
Stafford Research

We have used ASAP Payroll since 1991. They are, by far, one of the most cost effective payroll companies out there. Their staff is friendly and efficient. They are quick to handle any issues without any problems. We would recommend ASAP Payroll to any business, regardless of size. Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, they can definitely meet your needs.

Owner/Operator - McDonald's

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Employee Compensation Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent in Manufacturing

Employee Compensation Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent in Manufacturing

The competition for skilled manufacturing employees is quite high in today’s job market. To attract and retain top talent, it is essential to ensure that your job offerings are attractive and competitive. Thankfully, there are several simple ways to ensure that you are making a competitive offer. Competitive Wages Please…

Navigating Payroll Compliance Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Navigating Payroll Compliance Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is the economy’s engine, creating jobs and making the necessary tools and goods for other industries. This huge role is paired with outsize challenges and responsibilities, especially concerning payroll. The intricacies of payroll in this sector, especially for smaller manufacturers, can be outsized in your HR department’s duties, taking…

How to Access Your W-2 for Tax Returns

How to Access Your W-2 for Tax Returns

It’s tax season, which means it’s time to gather your documents, crunch some numbers, and file your returns. If you’re an employee or contractor who used our services in the past fiscal year, one of the essential documents you’ll need is the W-2 form.  At ASAP Payroll, we understand the…

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