The Benefits of Using Software to Track Job Applications

Hiring is a critical part of growing a business. But as hiring needs increase in a company, a recruiter can become overwhelmed, especially if they don’t have a system to help keep them organized.

Bringing onboard new employees is expensive and time-consuming, and organizations are looking for ways to streamline the hiring process. For this reason, new technology such as applicant tracking software (ATS) is taking the recruitment industry by storm. The software applications create an orderly framework for hiring and help recruiters deliver on increasing hiring needs.

This post explains the benefits of using software to track job applications to ensure your organization does not miss out on top candidates.

1. Help pick the Best Candidates

Hiring involves finding the best candidates and weeding out the weaker ones. Using software to track job applications helps companies to get the best candidates in the job positions they deserve.

Simple tasks such as resume reading and prescreen questionnaires can be tedious to human eyes, and recruiters might not always get the best possible hire. However, recruiting software can scrutinize these items and choose a candidate more efficiently without wearing out.

2. Streamline the Recruitment Process

The first rounds of a recruitment process are difficult and lead to stacks of paperwork and long lists of addresses, names, background checks, and more. It is tedious for an HR person to screen all that logistical information when searching for the best candidates.

An ATS consolidates all the information into a single database where people with the right credentials can access. Your organization will no longer have to publish your listing on job boards or send follow-up emails individually and manually.

Therefore, you can have a faster recruitment process and save time to perform other important tasks.

3. Extends the Reach of Your Recruitment Efforts

ATS is also important to candidates since they can easily apply and submit their resumes. Candidates who fit the criteria have their applications make it through without impediments by human error and without being outdone by other job seekers who may try to boost their credentials unfairly. Besides, candidates can monitor the recruitment process status and won’t have to wait for a long time only to realize that their resume was rejected.

Additionally, more people today are using mobile devices than ever, and as such, more candidates use smartphones to search for jobs. An ATS can integrate with many other channels, including social media, ensuring that more job seekers can easily find and apply for open positions in your company.

4. Provide Valuable Recruitment Data

A recruitment process also involves spending the company’s time and resources to advertise the job positions. Organizations aim to reduce the cost of advertising, and a smart way to do that is by optimizing how your ads and how you advertise.

ATS can help since it provides actionable data on the type of candidates it attracts, the effectiveness of a job posting, and the number of job seekers that made it through the initial interviews. This information helps organizations to make better decisions and improve their bottom line.

Additionally, your company can use ATS data to fill a position left by an employee quickly. You can use the contact information already available in the ATS to reach out to previous applicants and see whether they are still interested.

5. Gives a Positive Hiring Experience

An ATS makes your business appear more professional and gives a better hiring experience to new applicants. Job seekers judge organizations based on the hiring process, especially millennials used to a streamlined user experience. Applicants may also become your future ambassadors, and it is important to take all candidates through a smooth hiring process.

ATS helps your company achieve recruitment outcomes quickly by taking care of the initial requirements of the process. Furthermore, you can even sync application tracking software with payroll to get your new hire into the system. With it, all your documentation is secure and accessible in cloud storage.

Contact us to learn how you can sync Applicant Tracking Software with payroll for a smooth onboarding transition.

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