Move Into the 21st Century with Electronic Timekeeping

Today, paper timesheets or punch clocks are old school. Employees have discovered work arounds to punching in, such as using co-workers to clock in for them at specific times or providing employers with inaccurate work times that pay employees for overtime they never really worked. Electronic timekeeping, also referred to as digital time and attendance […]

What Is Pay-as-You-Go Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation insurance basics Irrespective of the type of business you run, there’s a chance that your employees could get injured or sick. They might slip on a wet floor, fall off a ladder, cut themselves with a sharp instrument, or get in a car accident while running a business errand. Because of the numerous […]

Making Employee Onboarding a Win-Win

While it’s imperative that you recruit the best candidates for positions within your company, screening, interviewing, and offering the job are only the start in terms of building a quality team. The onboarding process, which takes up to a year, assures that the new hire becomes a contributing member of the team and adapts to […]