HCM Platform

Better manage your employees

All of HR in One Convenient

Applicant Tracking

Find applicants easily


Ditch the paperwork


Everything at the employee’s fingertips


Create and maintain benefit plans

From hiring to retiring, manage the lifecycle of all of your employees

The best Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms make managing your employees simpler, easier and more efficient for any size business. For anything from applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, benefits enrollment and more, a good HCM platform can save HR specialists hours of time when it comes to the logistics of managing a workforce. 

ASAP Payroll has partnered with iSovled to package into a single software platform the framework you need to successfully carry out most HR processes. Even better, our HCM platform allows you to quickly pull real-time analytics the can provide your business with actionable insights to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

Everything in One Place

With a few clicks of the mouse, access everything from important HR documents to time and attendance statistics.

Increased Productivity

By streamlining and automating HR processes, save time that can be spent elsewhere.

Data Driven Decision Making

Pull analytics and create reports to allow your management to make informed decisions about staffing.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all legally required documents are completed efficiently.

Completely Customizable

Welcome new employees to the family by laying out your unique values.

Accessible for Edits

Access and update your handbook from any device with an internet connection.

Client Testimonials

Listen to what other businesses have to say about working with us.

I have used ASAP Payroll Service for some years and, quite simply, they save me TIME and MONEY! There are other reasons I like dealing with Tom and his friendly staff, like eliminating worry and confusion, but those first two are more than enough. I can recommend ASAP without any reservations.

David Stafford
Stafford Research

We have used ASAP Payroll since 1991. They are, by far, one of the most cost effective payroll companies out there. Their staff is friendly and efficient. They are quick to handle any issues without any problems. We would recommend ASAP Payroll to any business, regardless of size. Whether you have 2 or 500 employees, they can definitely meet your needs.

Owner/Operator - McDonald's

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